This is the Tempo One H.F. Amateur radio transceiver. This was a full 80-10 meter HF ham radio, with a 100 watt power output. This radio was available starting in the early 1970's.  It featured the typical features of most ham radios of the time period, including Volume, R.F. Gain, Mode switch, Band switch, Mic Gain, Load/Plate/Grid tuning, and a V.F.O. with a large numerical dial. A large multi-function meter, for receive "S" units, power output, ALC and final tube current, rounded out the major features. The microphone connected via a 1/4in.  phone plug. Unlike the Yaesu FT101 or the Siltronix 1011, 11 meters did not come statdard in the radio. Rather, the crystals for one of the bands (usually 10 meters) had to be swapped with different ones that would tune the 11 meter band.

What made this radio somewhat popular with the CB crowd, was the inclusion of the AM mode.  Not too many ham radios had AM, and that was a turn off to many CB operators. But by including AM, this made the Tempo an attractive option to those who wanted a radio with a bit better performance than the typical modified CB. This radio was a step up from the Siltronix 1011 series, with more bands, and a much more stable V.F.O..  But it was still no match for the Yaesu FT-101 series, in terms of both popularity and performance.  In terms of general appearance, this radio more closely resembled the FT-101 (The Tempo was actually made by Yaesu), but in terms of performance, the Tempo One was more closely aligned with the Siltronix.  Like the other ham radios, this radio performed well on SSB. But, like the Siltronix, it had a mushy, flat sounding AM. AM receive audio was also muddy sounding as the SSB filter was too narrow for good fidelity AM.  This was not an insurmountable problem for those who knew how to wire in additional filters.  But it was these shortcomings which kept this radio from truly shining in the eyes of discriminating CB'ers.  Nonetheless, this radio made a few inroads among the locals in my area.  Steve, Jimmy, Big Bear, Art, and a few others owned a Tempo One at one time.