Tim Kerper, was one of the most vile and disruptive people on the CB radio in the late 70's through the mid 80's. Tim had an abrasive personality, suffered from some sociopathic mental condition, and was rumored to be on the "watch list" at his local police department as a potentially unstable person. A potentially explosive combination to be sure.  Indeed, there was certainly plenty of evidence to support these allegations, as Tim did have a bad temper.  One time, in a fit of rage, he took his mobile radio and ran it over with his car.  He also had little respect for the typical CB operator and he didn't hold back on telling these people exactly what he thought of them.  He was also a gun owner, and used the handle "Gunslinger" originally, and was crazy enough to pull a gun on those who showed up at his door to settle the score.


Fortunately, he lived far enough away that he wasn't much of an irritant to our local group, although he often tried to cause trouble. Tim's usual mode of operation was to draw people into a fight by insulting them using profane language.  While most of us tried to restrain from using foul language, Tim's typical vocabulary would make a sailor blush. The best defense against Tim was to ignore and talk over him, but many people could not exercise enough self control to do that, and Tim always hooked at least one sucker. Tim's favorite radio was a highly modified (Screwdrivered) Courier Centurion 40 channel base.  Not even the freeband channels were safe from Tim's wrath, as he could venture pretty far out of band if he wanted to.  He also owned a few different amplifiers from time to time, in order to increase his ability to disrupt the normal operation of the band.


Tim also held the dubious honor of being the only person in my general area to bring the FCC into town officially, resulting in high profile (It made the local TV news) "busts" to occur.  While there were always rumors of the FCC making unscheduled "visits", no one I knew had ever been cited by them. That all changed when Tim got busted. At this time (the early 80's), Tim and his gang of thugs (Even looney tunes have friends) had settled on channel 19 and were running high power and making "terroristic threats" to the truckers and other passers-by. The combination of the excessive power, the threats, and the crude language got the FCC's attention. Another factor may have also played a part in this as well.  It came to be known that one of Tim's "associates" was a technically inclined individual, who had modified a scanner to transmit on the local police repeater, which he used to agitate the local police.  Not too bright, I would think.... The police had also called in the FCC to investigate the jamming. The combination of these factors resulted in about 6 guys getting cited for various violations. Tim ended up crying poor and had his fine reduced to less than $500. He was off the air for a short while afterward, but he did return and still belligerent. Sometime in the mid to late 80's he just seemed to fade away from the radio scene. I guess he got tired of the scene, and there may have been internal family pressure as well.  I was later told that he had died, although I don't know the specifics. So ends the career of another guy the CB band was better off without.