This is the Tram Model Diamond 60. Tram's deluxe 23 channel AM/SSB mobile radio. This radio was loaded with features, including Volume, Squelch, R.F. & Mic Gain controls, a transmit/receive synchronized clarifier, switchable noise blanker, P.A. function and SWR metering.

This radio was a superb performer on both AM and SSB.  Transmit audio was strong, and receiver selectivity was above average as well. Being functionally similar to the Browning LTD and Cobra 132/135 radios, many of the same modifications which applied to them, were also true for the D-60 as well. Frequency expansion could be accomplished by simply changing a single crystal. The common mod was to add 2 crystals which would give 30 channels above Channel 23, and 30 channels below Channel 1. The only caveat when doing this mod was that the clarifier range would be affected, and would expand on the higher channels, and would conversely shrink on the lowers. These were not insurmountable obstacles though, and rarely caused major problems. Power output on SSB would routinely exceed 18 watts, and AM carrier power was adjustable up to about 10 watts, although modulation started to drop off if set much above 5 watts.

The only "soft" spot that I can recall concerning this model radio, was a preponderance for developing intermittents. This radio used a "newfangled" double sided main board, with plated through holes. There were issues with those holes fracturing,  which usually happened when the radio was exposed to rapid temperature changes, and the vibration usually found in mobile usage. These intermittents would usually result in fluctuating power,  and sometimes they were a real bear to track down and cure permanently. This radio also used two relays in it (One for Transmit/Receive, the other for AM/SSB), and sometimes the contacts would become intermittent as well.

There were a few of these radios in use in our local area. Jimmy, "Uncle" Chuck, Brutus, and some others ran them.