This is the TRC-226, one of Radio Shack's newer and more "Ham HT-like" CB walkie-talkies.  Despite its smaller size, which is a radical departure from previous "brick" sized portable radios, it is a full 4 watts and 40 channels. Its standard features included Volume, Squelch, Hi/Low power switch, and a back lighted LCD display, which includes channel readout as well as a bar graph battery, RF power and "S" meter. This radio utilizes a slide-on battery pack, similar to that found on ham HT's.  Another concession to ham HT's, is its standard "rubber duck" style antenna.  Unfortunately, unlike on  VHF and UHF frequencies, where the short length is close to a full 1/4 wave, the short "duck" antenna really kills the range of this unit, and others like it, on the CB frequencies. The range of this radio with the "duck", was lucky to reach much over one mile.  Compare that to 70's vintage 100 mW radios, with telescopic antennas, which could do almost as well.  Changing the antenna to a center loaded "eyepoker", similar to the older RS units,  would dramatically improve range.