This is SBE's Trinidad, which was their deluxe AM base station in the early-mid 70's.  It came equipped with standard features like Volume, Squelch, Delta Tune, ANL, PA, and a fairly large "sideways" meter which also included SWR functionality in addition to the normal S/RF functions.  This radio was fairly popular in my area the mid 70's, mainly due to its reasonable price tag, which was only about $20 more than the entry level Realistic Navaho.  One of the most appealing qualities of this radio, was the receive audio fidelity and depth.  Thanks to the fairly large, and practically empty case, this thing had a rich, full sound from the built-in speaker, which contrasted sharply with the thin, tinny sound out of many other radios. This usually meant that an external speaker was not required on the Trinidad.  This radio also had decent sounding transmit audio, when not being over driven (Like in this clip).  Because of the lack of filters in the I.F., adjacent channel rejection was not all that good, compared to more expensive radios of the time, but overall sensitivity was good, and it was about average in RF overload immunity.  One annoying "feature" was the S-meter.  While nice, relatively large, and easy to read, it was calibrated (at least on the early versions) way too loosely.  Almost all of the locals would give this thing at least a +30db over S9.  The meter adjustment did not have enough range to completely correct the issue.  Later versions of the radio seemed to have corrected this.  This radio earned a place on the operating tables of many of our locals, including Mitch, Rose, Blue Bandit, Rebel, and others.

This pictured radio, came into my possession as an exchange for services rendered.  I cannot tell if it belonged to any of our locals from back in the day, but there are no tell-tale signs of any of my typical mods, so I doubt it. This radio required a bit of work to restore to operation, and it's now running strong on the classic radio bench.