The Place: East Norriton Pa.

The Time: Winter of 1976-1977

The Channel: 10

Recorded With: A Sears cassette recorder from a Midland 13-885

The Characters:


Uncle Albert: First heard saying "Yo Dave man, where'd ya go?"

Sheryl: Girlfriend of Uncle Albert, but one who also likes to flirt with other guys on the radio. She's trying to talk to Joe, but keeps getting interrupted by Uncle Albert.

Wild Country (Joe): The latest object of Sherylís flirtations, and the focal point of Uncle Albertís contemptuous jealousy.  Joe bows out after he's had enough of Uncle Albert's increasingly nasty comments.

Capít Kidd (Dave): Records the fun, and needles Uncle Albert.

Classic One Liner: "Does he wash his hair, or does it just hang there?" - Uncle Albert, commenting on Joe's appearance.


Background: Another chapter in the pitfalls of teenaged love.  This continuing saga seems so childish, silly and laughable now, over 35 years later.  But it was taken very seriously by Uncle Albert at the time.  Uncle Albert, suffering from incurable jealousy and having had enough of this festering situation, begins to throw in increasingly insulting comments as Joe and Sheryl try to talk. When Joe finally leaves, Uncle Albert starts giving Sheryl the third degree about her feelings, which isn't helping his case.  Some of his comments are hilarious for the spontaneous absurdity value alone.  True to form, I cannot help myself, and poke fun at the situation when opportunities present themselves. Toward the end, the nasty wind storm which had been relentlessly pounding us, takes out the power to half of the neighborhood, which results in Uncle Albert's abrupt departure in the middle of his repeating Rod Stewart song clips.  Sheryl and I were unaffected, except for a momentary power surge, and we finished up wondering what happened to Uncle Albert.

Uncle Albert2 Approx 14 min, mp3 format.