This is my second boat, a 1970 23' Westwind.  This boat was powered by a 231ci. Buick V6 engine, and coupled to an OMC stringer (Yuck!) stern drive.  I picked up this boat cheap from a guy I knew who lived nearby.  When he first bought the boat, he had replaced the seized original engine with a low mileage, "junkyard special", and then used the boat for fishing for a few years. During one of his many trips, a mishap occurred, which caused the engine oil to dump into the bilge, which resulted in the engine's main bearings being spun.  The boat then sat in his yard for a few more years. Advancing age, and poor health, prevented him from working on the boat.  So when I offered to buy it from him in the fall of 1983, he accepted.  The next spring, I had the engine rebuilt, cleaned the boat up, and then took it down to New Jersey's Barnegat Bay.  The engine ran ok, but this boat was no speed demon, as it had a hard enough time just staying on plane.  A perfect example of an underpowered boat.  But be that as it may, it was still a fun platform to spend a nice clear night under the stars, or for slow day cruising, and fishing. There was a small cuddy cabin inside, with enough room for two to sleep comfortably, or as a quick retreat from those frequent summer afternoon and evening thunderstorms. Plus there was also a marine flush toilet, which was a big plus for the wife, who often dreaded the thought of being miles away from a bathroom. This picture was taken from my good friend Art's jet boat,  in the early morning following a typical night of anchoring out in the middle of Barnegat Bay in 1984.  I kept this boat until 1986, when it was sold to make room for a new boat, a 1986 Hydrostream.