Wild Child, was the handle of a relatively short lived CB'er, who earned his place in the Honorable Mention category due to his occupation. Wild Child's real name (Or the name he went by) was Jerry Kane, and he was a D.J. on a local Phila. FM top 40 radio station (WIFI). The first time I heard Wild Child on the CB, I noticed that his speech was well enunciated, and that his tonal inflections sounded professional.  One thing led to another and he finally revealed who he was and where he worked.  He was probably the closest thing to a "celebrity" that we had ever had the pleasure of meeting at the time.  Once we found out what he did,  we would often bombard him with all sorts of questions about the broadcast radio business when he'd get on the CB during his daily commute.  In retrospect, I have to wonder if he ever got tired of talking about "the biz" during his off time,  but he never showed it outwardly.  He once sent a greeting out to the "CBers" when he did his broadcast show one day, which we listened to almost religiously.  Sometime later, he invited a bunch of us down to the station to check out how a radio show was done.  He did not last long on the local CB scene though, as he was only a part of our group for a few months during 1975.  I never knew the specific details, but he was either fired, or got a job elsewhere, and he soon moved out of the area. That was the last time I talked to him.  But his short lived participation with the group did shed some light on the world of broadcast radio, which was a dream career for many of us "radio nuts" back then.  Had our tech school not decided to cancel its station license and dismantle the school's radio station, I had been thinking seriously about transferring there in my junior year. Who knows what that may have led to.


After doing a little internet searching, I have been unable to come up with any listing of Jerry on any of the top-40 radio station tribute sites.  E-mail messages to some of his former associates at WIFI, did not turn up anything beyond his stint there in 75.  He evidently did not advance too far in his radio career after working at WIFI in Phila., and I guess he was such a short timer at WIFI, that he's not even listed as working there.   It's possible that he changed his name (some jocks have been known to do that), and advanced under that name.  I guess I'll never know.  One can only wonder what became of him.