Zipper was one of the local regulars on the original adultís channel (Channel 3), in the greater Norristown area in the early to mid 70's.  Zipper was another person who aspired to be the strongest signal on the channel.  He was one of the first in the area to have a D-104 microphone, and the first to have an amplifier which put out over 100 watts.  He operated a top of the line Pearce-Simpson Simba SSB base, and a "Super Starburst" (A locally produced omni antenna, for which the makers claimed fantastic gain figures), mounted at the then illegal height of 60 feet.  All of this was so that he could become one of the premier signals in our local area.  He was also somewhat arrogant, as well as having a tendency to become somewhat of a "Channel Master".  Along with his brother Papa Bear, he pretty much "ran" Channel 3. 

All of this equipment, along with his attitude, and it was no wonder that he had little tolerance for guys like Steve, Jimmy, and then later, our "teenagers" group which was clustered no more than 1/2 mile around him.  Though he was egotistical, with a relatively powerful signal, he wasnít too smart when it came to the intricacies of R.F. theory, as he found out once when he tried to come between me and my next door neighbor whoís antenna was a scant 60 feet away from mine.  Even with his 150 watt amplifier helping him, he couldnít get between us, and that realization just made him even madder.  Zipper was always jumping onto "our" channel, to lecture us about how "kids" donít belong on the radio, and that we should take our "chatter" to the land-line.  He was also caught a few times dumping carriers on us.  We had these regular dealings with Zipper, as myself and a couple of others in our group bled him over on a daily basis, and he couldn't deal with it. This kind of conflict was just what Steve enjoyed, as it gave him an excuse to scheme and plot, and gave him a target for mobile agitation.  But it was our relentless bleed over, which finally forced Zipper to break down and buy a beam antenna, just to point away from us.  He eventually sold his house, and moved out of the immediate area.  He was heard mobile as late as 1977 (as in this clip), but since then, it's anyoneís guess as to his whereabouts.


Today: I havenít heard anything about Zipper since the late 70ís. I had heard a rumor that he had passed on, but I canít verify it.