Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, NMR, at Numare Spectralab

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Introduction and Tools
Background and Mission
200 MHz NMR Magnet and NMR Scientist
Special Interests, Goal and Quest
Laboratory Service Information  
NMR Periodic Table
Table of NMR Isotopic Properties
Deuterated NMR Solvent Table
NMR Residual Solvent Proton Table
NMR Residual Solvent Carbon-13 Table
Alternative method for NMR observation
800 MHz 1H NMR of Crisaborole
200 MHz 1H decoupled 13C of Crisaborole
Optimized 3D of Crisaborole
Service Information
NMR Analysis Information
NMR email Service Request
Update for Numare Spectralab NMR Service
NMR Magnet Properties & Safety Information
Directions to Numare Spectralab
In Times of Unrest - Lest We Forget
Also In Times of Continuing Unrest
And Right Now in our USA
Current Global Climate Changes
Flood of Money, The Upside of Climate Change
Albert Einstein tribute to Max Planck
The Lighter Side for those in Spinland & Beyond
Numare Spectralab References of Interest

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