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Centre Street looking West

   The Mahanoy Area Historical Society Room is now open at our new headquarters at the Mahanoy Area Downtown Center!

Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Station, Gilberton, circa 1910

   The Mahanoy Area Historical Society is seeking new members.  Please consider joining our society.  Even if you can't be an active member, your membership dues help our society to do a more effective job in preserving our history and enhancing our community.

   Our Society is dedicated to serve not simply Mahanoy City, but the entire area encompassed by the Mahanoy Area High School District.  This would include Mahanoy Township, Gilberton, Maizeville, St. Nicholas, Wiggans, Delano, Barnesville, Park Place, and so forth.  If your interests lie in any of these communities, please join us so we can work together.

Victoria Theatre

Contact info:
Mahanoy Area Historical Society
1-7 W. Centre Street
Mahanoy City, PA 17948
phone: (570) 773-1295

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