The Unofficial Eckley Miners' Village Homepage

A small Pennsylvania town with a lot of history

My name is Stacy, and I live near the small, yet historic town of Eckley. I visit the village on a regular basis and thought that making a homepage on this "patch town" would be a nice way to share my interest in this village with others.

The small town of Eckley is one of hundreds of company mining towns built during the nineteenth century in the anthracite region. Eckley provides many special events to the public for the purpose of acquainting individuals with the history of this town. This "patch town" offers a museum which explains the time period of when Eckley was first founded with slide shows, movies, and exhibits. Throughout the town are two churches, the company store and many houses, including the Sharpe Mansion and the doctor's office, many of which are open to the public with a tour guide.

Since there is now a really good official Eckley Miners' Village website, over the summer I plan to change the focus of this page form the village of Eckley to the man, Eckley, his wife, Sophia, and anything to do with them. At this point, the links are not in any particular order but as time passes I will attempt to organize and bring the page up to date. [CoxeHomeDrifton]


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