Recent Calls

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The calls you see below are calls that PLVFC has responded to


     Brush Fire At Creek Road off of Sawmill road. Engine, Tanker all responded to the call. Fire was quickly put out.


 Brush Fire at Promised Land State Park, Rescue, Engine, Tanker all responded fire was quickly put out.

  March 06, 2008 MVA with entrapment. Response from Promised Land and Tafton for the Rescue and Blooming Grove to set up a Landing Zone.

  March 01, 2008 setting up a fill site while Tafton works on a structure fire in Skytop Heights. Fill site was set up at Tanglewoods Lakes.


February 01, 2008 one car off the road  1/4 mile from Shiny Mountain Road due to icy road conditions. No injuries.  


January 25, 2008 on car off the road on route 390 1/2 mile from Mountain Service. No injuries.



Some of more calls we had during the previous year.







3/6/08 3/25/08


4/10/08 4/17/08 4/22/08 4/25/08 9/11/08 9/24/08



Fill Site

Vehicle Fire

MVA with Entrapment

Brush Fire


Brush Fire Brush Fire  Brush Fire Setup
Zone for EMS
Mutual  Aid Structure Fire



Pictures Taken By  Richard Perlak

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