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These are the Drills we do for our safety and yours at a fire. Please take a look at what we do to help you. We train ever Thursday night from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. We train with SCBA (self contain breathing apparatus), stage car accidents, Car fires, House Fires which makes us better to help you out in a emergency. Our Fire Dept. is very well trained to make us better at whatever we are at.

  • Life Flight shows their BK 117 helicopter after completing a training course at Tafton Fire Company.


    Inside of the BK 117


    Blooming Grove Fire Company Car Rescue Course



    Left to Right:
    Top Row: Firefighter David Giordano, Firefighter Mark Richards, Firefighter Victor Panzella, Firefighter Richard Perlak
    Bottom Row: Firefighter Andrew Perlak, Firefighter Scott Whyte


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