A Tribute to My Uncle Bob


Uncle Bob's 1939 yearbook picture from 
Oakwood High School, Dayton, Ohio

A Page in Loving Memory of
Robert J. Cook

by Robert Dunkelberger

(who wishes he had gotten to know his Uncle Bob better)



The program from his memorial service in Dayton, Ohio.

(Click on the cover to read what it says.)

Here is Uncle Bob's favorite piece of music.

A very short look at a full and happy life.

Robert J. Cook, 78, of Dayton, died Monday, Aug. 9, 1999, at Good Samaritan Hospital.

He was born Aug. 5, 1921, in Tamaqua, Pa., to Russell and Elizabeth (Swing) Cook.

Mr. Cook is survived by his wife of 44 years, Roberta (Drinkwater) Cook; a daughter, Mrs. Guy (Diana) Leslie of Tiffin; two grandchildren; a brother, William K. of Bandon, Ore.; and by nieces and nephews (including me).  He was preceded in death by a brother, Thomas E. Cook.

Robert Cook was a U.S. Navy veteran having served during World War II.  He retired in 1976 from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base after 32 years of service.  Mr. Cook graduated in 1939 from the Oakwood High School and attended the University of Cincinnati, where he was a member of Beta Theta Pi and was the first University of Cincinnati co-op student to work at NCR (National Cash Register).  He loved to travel and enjoyed the company of his pets, especially his long-time dog and friend, Charlie Brown.

It Started in Tamaqua, PA

Where Uncle Bob lived in Tamaqua.  Click on the house for more info.

On to New Jersey

Uncle Bob in a wagon during the summer of 1928, New Brunswick, New Jersey.
The family lived at 439 South Third Avenue.

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Uncle Bob in the 1940s and '50s

Uncle Bob as a member of the
United States Navy in World War II.

  Uncle Bob and Aunt Bobbie
  on their wedding day in 1955.

Click on the wedding image for a bigger picture.  They were happy then even though they don't look it here!

My First Memories

Pictures of my twin brother Dick and I in August, 1964 when we were two years old.  We were in Dayton while my parents and other siblings were on a trip to the west coast.  I always enjoyed my visits to my Uncle Bob and Aunt Bobbie's house.

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Here are my brother and I watching Uncle Bob filling up a wagon with sticks and other yard waste.  This was near a creek that runs at the base of the hill behind their house.  I loved playing in that creek and also liked his little bulldozer, which he finally sold a number of years ago.

Here we are at left posing with my Uncle Bob.  I'm the one in front.  And we also got to ride in the wagon with my cousin Diana, who was five then.  I know that these pictures are a little blurred, but they capture the time when I first got to know my Uncle Bob.

In Later Years

Uncle Bob's last dog,
his border collie China.


Uncle Bob with Aunt Bobbie and their granddaughters Emily and Elizabeth in front of the Prayer for Rain statue in Champaign, IL on June 26, 1999.  They were invited to the rededication ceremony for the statue which was sculpted by his uncle Edward Kemeys.

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The last picture taken of Uncle Bob.  With the
pastor of Grace United Methodist Church,
Dr. Bryan Palmer-Smith.


I hope you have enjoyed this brief look at the life of Robert J. Cook.
He was a well-loved man, and is missed a lot by all of his many friends and family.

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