Ihalmiut Unwritten Laws of Life

A man's business is sacred unto himself.
It is no part of his neighbor's duty to interfere in any way unless the community is endangered.

While there's food, equipment, or bodily strength in any one of the tents,
no man in another tent shall want for any of these.

In PEOPLE OF THE DEER, author Farley Mowat investigates first-hand the lives of a vanishing people who, though they live in constant struggle against the harsh Arctic elements (in our eyes), have developed a simple culture that is close to the earth and in balance with their surroundings. Only because of the influence of Europeans did this balance become upset.
The story is an adventure tale of sorts. It was only because of it's recommendation by Daniel Quinn, author of ISHMAEL, that perhaps I looked deeply enough to discover the truths in the Ihalmiut lifestyle. Although it sounds like little more than some strange marriage of Socialist and Libertarian manifesto, I present it here as the basis for a flowchart to use when critically examining your own concerns and actions.
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