You're really into Star Wars and you have a school video camera, so what do you do? Easy, you take a broom stick and video tape yourself being Darth Maul.

You're also pretty dumb, so what do you forget to do? That's right, you forget to take the video tape out of the camera before returning it.

Other people are fundamentally cruel, so what do they do? That's right, put it on the internet.

Star_Wars_Kid.wmv [3MB Windows Media]

Of course, the internet being what it is, it wasn't long before the original was improved upon.

Star_Wars_Kid_Remix.wmv [1MB Windows Media]


Note: I found these somewhere or other on the internet and had nothing to do with their creation. I just copied them and put them on my server.

Update 06/06/2003: Sorry that I had to take this down for a bit, my computer was having issues. The issues have been resolved and this is back. Enjoy.