Bob Dellicker

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Welcome to my Home Page. I originally decided to write this because I was sick and tired of using the NCSA Mosaic Hotlist feature. That was in April of 1994. This was also on my Sun SPARCstation 2 at work at the time. Since my employer frowned upon any implied endorsement of private organizations to which my pages linked, I was forced to remove them. This page has been on a commercial server since July 23rd 1995.

My Resources

The Autism Depot

My daughter Tara was diagnosed as autistic in March of 1995. Just as the understanding and treatment of autism are evolving so is this site.

Pocono Autism Society, Inc.

This is a support group in our area of Pennsylvania, of which I am President and my wife, Beth, is Secretary.

Dälliker Genealogy

In 1999 I started following up on my mother's genealogy project.



I work for a little organization called the US Army. I spent a couple of decades in quality engineering. Now I'm a Systems Engineering Manager at Picatinny Arsenal.


In 1998 I began playing with amateur radio. I have a Technician class license and my call sign is KB3CRH. One of these days I'll get around to upgrading my license. My primary activity is APRS, which stands for Automatic Position Reporting System. It was developed by Bob Bruninga WB4APR, an instructor at the US Naval Academy.

In 2004 we started boating at Lake Wallenpaupack after purchasing a 1988 21' Glastron cuddy cabin from one of the guys in my car pool. We do our best to get out once every weekend during the Summer.

I also started flying a RC helicopter in 2004. It really conflicts with the boating though. I'm not very good and just putter around the field. Tinkering with it is nearly as much fun as flying it.

Updated on: 25-Feb-2009