2016 Superbowl "Quarter Mix" Block Pool

Digits (0-9) will be randomly assied to each row (AFC score) and column (NFC score) for EACH Quarter.

What this means: Digits will be randomly assigned after all blocks are purchased. Different digits will be assigned for each quarter. So you might have 2 and 6 in the first quarter and 3 and 7 in the second quarter. This will allow for additional chances of winning and individuals will not be stuck with “bad” digits.

The score at the end of each quarter will determine winners.

What this means: The digit for each team is determined by the last (right most) digit in the total score. For example, if the score is AFC Champs 17 and the NFC Champs 13 at the end of a quarter then the winning block is AFC - 7 and NFC – 3. Remember new digits are selected for each quarter.

Payment & Block Selections

To participate email me to make payment arrangements and if you wish to select the box location (1-100). 5 per block and multiple blocks may be purchased. Click on graph on right to view the 2014 Superbowl Chart. Additional fees apply for utilizing Paypal.

Prize Pool Payout

First Quarter - 100
Second Quarter - 100
Third Quarter - 100
Forth Quarter - 200
(excluding OT)

Block Pool Chart

Click here to see the 2015 Superbowl Chart