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The purpose of this site is for other RAWLS / RAWLES / RALLS researchers to exchange information. I am presently collecting and exchanging all such information with the intent of producing a published genealogy. I presently have over 4000 individuals on file, all born before 1900. Pleae email me with your data or queries. I can be reached at: rrrawls@ptd.net


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Rawls / Rawles / Ralls in US Geography:


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Most of the RAWLS / RAWLES / RALLS in this country are of English descent. I've identified 3 main family groups in my research, their English immigrant, and primary areas of settlement. In the course of my research, a fourth group, of German descent, gets "thrown in the mix".

The primary family group are probably descended from a George RAWLS who was an immigrant to New Norfolk Co., VA in 1635. He landed with Richard BENNETT's party on the Nansemond River. His descendants used the RAWLS and RAWLES surnames and settled in southeastern VA. From there they spread southward into all of the southeast states and westward through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.

The second group are the descendants of John RALLS Sr. who married Lydia (BECK) REED in 1727 in Princess Anne Co., VA. He settled in Stafford Co., VA. His descendants kept the RALLS surname and settled in north central VA and generally migrated westward from there to Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa.

The third group are the descendants of Francis RAWLE of Philadelphia, PA. This family generally kept the RAWLE surname and settled in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The last group are the descendants of the German, Johannes RAHLS, later known as John RALLS or John RALL. He arrived in Charleston, SC in 1749 and settled in the Lexington Co., SC area. His descendants used the RALL, RALLS, and RAWLS surname and generally settled in SC, GA, and AL.

A few other "unconnected" 17th century persons: Francis ROWLES, immigrant to Northampton Co., VA 1655. John ROLLES, b. ca1613 England to Virginia in 1635. Mary RAWLES, immigrant to Lancaster Co., VA 1653. Peter RAWLES, in Charles Co., MD in 1676. Peter RAWLLS, in Richmond Co., VA 1692. William ROLLES, immigrant to Upper Norfolk Co., VA 1644. William ROLLS, md. Margaret REEVES 1674 Richmond Co., VA. William RAWLES, in Kent Co., MD in 1677.

My RAWLS Lineage:

Ronald Robert RAWLS
b. 1948(Miami, FL) md. Gloria QUINN

William Wesley RAWLS
b. 1926(Ocala, FL) md. Marilyn FAVALORO

Charles Bennett RAWLS
b. 1889(Marion Co., FL) md. Stella CLEVELAND d. 1958(Ocala, FL)

William Brooks RAWLS
b. 1858(Marion Co., FL) md. Margaret BENNETT d. 1925(Marion Co., FL)

William Stanley RAWLS
b. 1827(Alachua Co., FL) md. Elizabeth BADGER d. 1887(Marion Co., FL)

Cotton RAWLS
b. 1806(GA) d. 1882(FL)

Cotton RAWLS
b. ca1760(NC) d. ?

b. ? md. Patience COTTON d. ?

William RAWLS
b. ? d. 1760(Halifax Co., NC)

Rawls / Rawles / Ralls in US Geography:


From the 1990 US Census...

RAWLS.......3102st most common name out of 88,799
RAULES....(not found)


APT - Philadelphia, PA 1700's APT
AXSON - South Carolina 1700's AXSON
BADGER - Barnwell Co., SC late 1700's, early 1800's BADGER
BARONE- Palermo, Sicily BARONE
BARTLES - Hunterdon Co., NJ and Steuben Co., NY BARTLES
BEE - South Carolina 1700's BEE
BENNETT - South Carolina 1800's BENNETT
BOYD - South Carolina or Georgia 1800's
BRIDGERS - Virginia 1600's BRIDGERS
CHANDLER - South Carolina or Georgia 1800's CHANDLER
COLDING - Barnwell Co., SC late 1700's, early 1800's COLDING
COTTON - Halifax Co., NC 1700's COTTON
DELL - South Carolina DELL
ERVIN - North Carolina 1700's ERVIN
FAVALORO - Palermo, Sicily GIBBONS - South Carolina GIBBONS
GODWIN - North Carolina and Virginia 1700's GODWIN
GORCIAK - Slovakia
GULOTTA - Baida, Palermo, Sicily
HOSSZIC - Slovakia
KURCHINKA - Slovakia
LETO - Baida, Palermo, Sicily
LOUGEE - Maine 1800's LOUGEE
McCULLY - South Carolina and Florida 1800's McCULLY
PITT - Virginia 1600's PITT
SANDIFORD - South Carolina 1700's SANDIFORD
STANLEY - Florida 1800's STANLEY
TRESA - Baida and Altarello, Palermo, Sicily
TURNER - Massachusetts, New York 1700's, 1800's TURNER
WITTER - South Carolina 1700's WITTER
WRIGHT - Virginia 1600's and 1700's WRIGHT


  • Aaron RAWLS Albany Co. NY
  • Aaron RALLS Shenandoah Co. VA
  • Abraham RAWLS Hancock Co. GA
  • Alexander M. RALLS Drew Co. AR
  • Amos RAWLS St. Landry Parish LA
  • Arthur RAWLS Laurens Co. GA
  • Arthur Henry RALLS Lexington Co. SC
  • Benjamin Franklin RAWLS Marion Co. MS
  • Benjamin Franklin RAWLS Richland Co. SC
  • Briant RAWLS Nansemond Co. VA
  • Claudius RAWLS Warren Co. MS
  • Cloyd RAWLS Bradley Co. AR
  • Cornelius RAWLS Greene Co. NC
  • Daniel RAWLS Nacogdoches Co. TX
  • David RAWLS Nansemond Co. VA
  • David RALLS Wayne Co. NC
  • David RAWLS Nansemond Co. VA
  • Dempsey RAWLS Orange Co. NC
  • Elijah RAWLS Marengo Co. AL
  • Elijah Williamson RAWLS Edgecombe Co. NC
  • Elisha RAWLS Georgetown Dist. SC
  • Francis RAWLS Martin Co. NC
  • Franklin M. RAWLS Chickasaw Co. MS
  • George RAWLS Nansemond Co. VA
  • George C. RAWLS Martin Co. NC
  • Hardy RAWLS Nansemond Co. VA
  • Henry RAWLS Nansemond Co. VA
  • Henry RAWLS Franklin Co. NC
  • Howel RAWLS Columbia Co. GA
  • Jacob RAULES Butler Co. AL
  • James RAWLS Orange Co. NC
  • James RAWLS Nansemond Co. VA
  • James RAWLES Hertford Co. NC
  • James RAWLES Ross Co. OH
  • James Thomas RAWLS
  • James RAWLS Hertford Co. NC
  • James RAWLES KS
  • James W. RAWLS Alachua Co. FL
  • Jeremiah RALLS Henry Co. GA
  • Johannes RAHLS Lexington Dist. SC
  • John RALLS Stafford Co. VA
  • John RAWLES IN
  • John RAWLS Decatur Co. GA
  • John RAWLS Stark Co. OH
  • John RALLS Lexington Co. SC
  • John E. RAWLS Wayne Co. TN
  • John RAWLS Nansemond Co. VA
  • John W. RAWLS Craven Co. NC
  • John Franklin RAWLS Mobile Co. AL
  • John Green RAWLS Alachua Co. FL
  • Joseph Cotton RAWLS Tallapoosa Co. AL
  • Joseph RAWLES Martin Co. NC
  • Joseph RALLS Fremont Co. IA
  • Joseph W. RAWLS Haywood Co. TN
  • Josiah RAWLS Bertie Co. NC
  • Justin RAWLS Nansemond Co. VA
  • Laban RAWLS Gadsden Co. FL
  • Luke RAWLS Nansemond Co. VA
  • Luke H. RAWLES Lincoln Co. TN
  • Moses RAWLS Pike Co. AL
  • Nathaniel RAWLS Nansemond Co. VA
  • Oliver H. P. RAWLS Wilkinson Co. GA
  • Philip RAWLS Early Co. GA
  • Randolph RAWLS Halifax Co. NC
  • Richard RAWLS Gates Co. NC
  • Richard RAWLS Gates Co. NC
  • Robertson RALLS Van Buren Co. IA
  • Simpson S. RAWLS Atlanta GA
  • Simpson RAWLS York Co. SC
  • Stephen RAWLS Nansemond Co. VA
  • Theophilas RAWLS Weakley Co. TN
  • Thomas RAWLS Upson Co. GA
  • Thomas RAWLES Pickens Co. AL
  • Thomas W. RAWLS Fairfield Co. SC
  • Uriah RAWLS Nansemond Co. VA
  • Uriah RAWLS Nansemond Co. VA
  • Uriah RAWLS Martin Co. NC
  • Wiley RAWLS Nansemond Co. VA
  • William RAWLS Nansemond Co. VA
  • William ROWLES Fauquier Co. VA
  • William RAWLS Nansemond Co. VA
  • William T. RAWLS Kemper Co. MS
  • William RAWLS Coosa Co. AL
  • William RAWLS Decatur Co. GA
  • William Henry RAULES Thomas Co. GA
  • William M. RAWLS Onslow Co. NC
  • William R. RAWLS Wilcox Co. AL
  • William E. RAWLS Southampton Co. VA
  • William C. RAWLS Robertson Co. TN
  • William T. RAWLS Muscogee Co. GA
  • Willis RAWLS Nansemond Co. VA
  • Willis RAWLS Craven Co. NC
  • Willis RALLS Obion Co. TN
  • Zachariah RAWLS Nansemond Co. VA