This is some of the
William Bryant Hicks/Kathryn Taylor Clan.
About 1900

Front Row left to right

Moodie McGee, Jim McGee, Clint McGee, Dollie (Hicks) McGee,
baby in lap is Cleve McGee, Katheryn (Taylor) Hicks, William Bryant Hicks, Lum Hicks

Back Row left to right

Lois Lawly, Jim Smith, Emma (Hicks) Smith, Buna (Hicks) Mize, Mae Hicks (Bobs first wfe), Bob Hicks,
Viola (Atkinson) Hicks (wife of Lum), Elma (Hicks) Garner, Albert Merchant

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This is William Bryant and Catherine Taylor Hicks in their later years.

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The picture below is of Buna Hicks Mize, Emma Hicks Smith and Elma Hicks Garner.
In the picture above these ladies are in the back row.
Buna is the 4th from the left, Emma is the 3rd from the left and Elma is the second from the right.
This picture is from around 1950 +/-.
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