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I live in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, about 40 miles north of Philadelphia.  I got started in vintage radios when my son bought a radio at a flea market.  When he got it home, we plugged it in (the wrong thing to do - have it checked out first!), and it hummed.  We looked in the phone book and found a repair shop across the Delaware River in New Jersey.  A few weeks later we picked it up and it worked fine.

Hmm, I wondered.  How hard can it be to fix radios?  (Little did I know).  That was the beginning of  a hobby that occupies most of my free time.   I collect, repair and retore nearly any type of radio that catches my eye, with an emphasis on small 'midget' sets.

While I don't repair radios as a business, I do work as my time permits.  Contact me at the address below.  (The address is an image to foil spammers - type the address into your email program manually.

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