The President who had fun and got the job done

By Sean Boyd

A lot of Presidents were good. They were good at their jobs. They helped America, helped the economy, and helped other countries. But a lot of those Presidents didn’t have much fun. “The four most miserable years of my life,” John Quincy Adams complained. Then there were those that had a lot of fun being President. Some of them weren’t exactly the best, though. But there was one President who got the job done and had fun at the same time. Here are some reasons why I think he was so great.

Theodore Roosevelt was inspirational; he inspired the United States to help build the Panama Canal with the French. He was charismatic; he’s been in numerous books (and wrote many) and media as well as having a bear named after him (the teddy bear). He was very fun to be around, but could be serious when needed to be.

Theodore was a cowboy in the Badlands before he was president. He was fresh out of Harvard, and seemed by others to be afraid to get his hands dirty. So one day the other cowboys decided to let him go buffalo hunting. A guide took him out on the roughest and toughest trails the Badlands had. The guide was close to collapse from exhaustion, but Theodore Roosevelt just kept saying, “By Godfrey, but this is fun!” He adored “The Strenuous Life”.

Theodore Roosevelt did a lot of conservation. He made more national parks that any before him. There are now 58 national parks as of 2005, and it’s all preserved. He started the foreign policy, and provided medical services in third-world countries, eliminated yellow fever in many nations, and established railways and telephone wires in countries. In the industry, he passed the Food & Drug Act, as well as busting trusts. There are now no more unsanitary food distributors, and all food processing places are regularly inspected and assessed. He was the first American to win a Nobel Prize, and it was the Peace Prize. He also increased the size of the navy.

Theodore Roosevelt was even a hero in the military. Roosevelt led the charge of the Rough Riders up San Juan Hill on horseback to help win the Spanish-American War. When he was afraid he would lose his spectacles in battle (he was blind without them), he ordered a dozen extra pairs, and put them in pockets all over his uniform in case he needed them.

Theodore Roosevelt had in the White House not just pets but a circus like amount of animals. He had cats, snakes, dogs, guinea pigs, rats, badgers, mice, raccoons, parrots, and a pony. ”No President has ever enjoyed himself as much as I,” Theodore Roosevelt said. He was probably right. He had pillow fights with his children and even played football at the White House. “You must always remember the President is about six,” a friend said.

He was fun and serious at the same time. He got the job done and still had time to play at the end of the day. And he most definitely helped this country a lot, and had fun doing it. That’s why I think Theodore Roosevelt was one of our best Presidents.





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