Here's my list of favorite websites. The websites consist of a wide-variety of subjects, from reference to programming, from TV shows to just plain silly stuff. Enjoy.
This is the official site of Code Lyoko, my favorite TV show. It's not really updated much, so it's not the best. This site has tons and tons of programming code for web developers to make their site look great (mine included.) is what it sounds like. It's got stuff for when you're bored. Check it out! Online games and stuff like that.
Most people have heard of this site, but if you haven't then go! It's got the most extensive information on everything that I've seen. HalfBakery has tons of user posted invention ideas, or just good ideas in general. Find out how to get rid of tail-gaiters and stop spam! I just found this website recently. You can type in two words and make them fight by a special program checking which one has been searched more on Google. Oh yeah!