Photography Tips

Special Effects

Light-up Snowflakes

In some of my photos, I have snowflakes that seem to be lit up. It looks like a special effect done on the computer, but it's not. Any digital camera can do it. This effect also works on rain as well. What you do, is you can turn on the flash (not auto flash, fill flash, so even if it is light out it will still flash) and then take a picture. It looks really cool.

Abstract lights

One pretty cool effect is making an abstract looking picture. At night, or whenever your camera might be at a high exposure, point your camera at a light, and then press the button to take a photo and swing the camera around at the same time. It makes a really cool streak of light on your photo. If you own a digital camera that uses an orientation sensor, turn it off before you take the image, or it will turn out lopsided. I will not be held responsible if you let go of your camera when performing the swing.