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Welcome to our personalized web site. This is a new experience for us, as we have relied upon Apple over the years to supply us with the tools to build and maintain a photo gallery.
October 6th, 2003 - Posted 20 Mile Hike pictures. It's been another hectic two weeks. Haunted House preparations have filled most of our free time. Then this Sunday we went on a 20 mile hike with the Troop. Hit the trail at 7AM and made it back by 3 to 3:30PM. We all had sore feet along the way, except for maybe Tyler and Cole, who seemed to have the most energy left. Beautiful weather - in the 50's and a slight breeze. Found a plant along the way that we couldn't identify. Perhaps you can. Spent the last four weeks working with Tyler on his Stamp Collection for his merit badge class. Last class is on Wednesday. Hope that over 400 mounted stamps from 20 countries is enough for the one requirement. Lots of licking of stamp hinges for that one. Victoria just handed me her Christmas list. On the list are clothes, video tapes, a bigger room, cable TV, etc. We shall see what see ends up getting.
September 21st, 2003 - Posted Knoebel's pictures. Another whirlwind of a week. Literally speaking in more ways than one. Isabel blew through our area on Thursday/Friday cancelling one day of our planned vacation this weekend. However, on Saturday morning, the weather cooperated. Se we all piled into the Camper (ready to roll in a record 2 hours, I'm getting pretty good at this now) for our longest adventure yet. One and half hours later we were in Elysburg, 30 minutes to setup camp and then off to the park just as it was opening. Spent a good 6 hours on rides, food, and walking. Lot's to see, great weather and a good time. Later that night we basked in the glow of LCD laptop screens and family fun. Went to sleep in our cozy camper, even had to use the heat to keep us a warm and toasty 70F as the other tent campers were freeeeezing. Ha! Rolled out of bed, had a scrumptious breakfast and broke camp in 30 minutes again. Hey we like this RV! Anyways, we got in a final ride on the Twister Roller Coaster and then we headed home. See Ya!
September 14th, 2003 - Posted Camper Maiden Voyage pictures. Its already been two weeks since I last posted information. Of course, with the start of school, we have all been very busy. I am about 90% finished with rebuilding the cellar doors to our basement. Painting and construction are finished, just need to repaint the hardware etc. The weather cooperated as we have had 8 days of straight sunshine and when the last coat of paint dried it rained the next day. Tyler and I have been spending weekends on Boy Scout projects. Either Eagle Scouts or cleanup at Scout Hall in preparation for our Haunted House. School open house visits and other activities have filled up our evenings. This coming weekend we are off in the camper again to visit Knoebels amusement park. A little further away (2 hours) but should be quite an adventure with the hurrican coming. Will be sure to post pictures again after that!
August 30th, 2003 - Posted 1st day of school pictures. Yes, summer is over already. Starting on 8/25 the kid's were back in school. Tyler has been back to school for several weeks already to participate in Band Practice. This goes on for about 3 weeks before school starts. The pay off is a very impressive performance from the group throughout the school year. Victoria was spending the summer taking her first horse back riding lessons and continuing her piano lessons. We also bought ourselves an RV camper. Our maiden voyage was to Rosemount campgrounds just west of Tamaqua. We had a great time. I have several Boy Scouts who are working on their Eagle Scout projects, so we have been busy on weekends volunteering our time for various community projects. Have been to Environmental center installing blue bird boxes and foot bridges. This weekend we were at the Elementary school clearing out an area in which to install a hummingbird and butterfly garden.