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Molly Justice is my first fiction book.  Inspired by my trek into the genealogy world in a search for my roots.  I proposed a "what if" and the book began to evolve.  Prior experience in producing family genealogy books helped drive the decision to try some fiction.  Further inspiration was provided through my research readings of Tales of the Mine Country by Eric McKeever and Germanville by Norm Oley.  Real motivation came after reading Making Sense of the Molly Maguires by Kevin Kenny.  The support of Professor George Turner of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania was a valuable asset.  Lastly, there is Flash McDonald and Tommy Symons of the Orange and Green show , who, each week, reminded me of my Irish roots.

I am currently a Facilities Manager for the Geisinger Health System in charge of the Wilkes-Barre area.  Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center is my base of operations.  I joined Geisinger in 1983 after managing a mobile home sales lot and a seven year association with Beneficial Finance.  I hold a B.S.B.A. in General Management from Thomas A. Edison State College, Trenton, NJ granted in 1997 after nine years of independent study.  I am a 1970 graduate on Mahanoy Area High School.

I decided to write the book because of the influence of my grandfather Pat Casserly.  Since my father died when I was just a baby my only male influence was my grandfather who live just next door.  Although he was only half Irish you would never have known that by looking at him.  In his mind, he was Irish.  I also wanted to provide a vehicle for people to better understand the turmoil of the region and time without getting too bogged down in a pure history.  The Molly era is indeed a controversial one.  One marked by corporate greed, class distinction, ethnic prejudice and injustice.  My hope is the book will be more widely read and will prompt some to investigate further.

The Hard Coal Times series is a new inspiration.  Created as a means to share anthracite history in an easily produced and affordable fashion, this series continues to grow in popularity. 



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