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Molly Justice

Molly Justice is about Pat Casserly and his family in 1875 Mahanoy City, PA.  It conveys a time of real turmoil in the heart of the hard coal region.  Molly Maguires and rival Welsh Modocs fight for control of the region and justice is one sided.  Fighting between rival volunteer fire companies, one Irish and one Welsh, helps to highlight the action as Pat and his son Bernie are caught between the opposing forces.  

The historical timeline is accurate although the story is purely fiction.  Anyone interested in Molly Maguire history will not want to miss this book.  So join the Mollies and the Modocs as they continue their conflict.

Published by Coal Hole Productions

Hard Coal Times, Pennsylvania Anthracite Stories, Volume 1

Who Were the Molly Maguires and Michael, the Breaker Boy

The first of a new series, brings two stories by Molly Justice author Steve Varonka. Future books are planned and will feature other regional authors with short stories about the hard coal region. The series will offer the reader an affordable, entertaining view of life in central Pennsylvania. The young reader stories will also continue, so the books are appropriate for all.

The first story is 24 pages. "Who Were the Molly Maguires?" is Steve's version of the Molly Maguire story based on his lectures since writing his first book.

The second story is targeted at young readers. A sequel to Molly Justice , "Michael, The Breaker Boy" tells the story of 1870's coal mining from the perspective of an eight-year-old breaker boy and his friend. The reader is introduced to coal mining while being entertained by the antics of Michael and Sean as they contend with their breaker boss.

Published by Coal Hole Productions

Hard Coal Times, Pennsylvania Anthracite Stories, Volume 3

Early Coal Transportation

Early coal transportation is the subject of the latest in this series. Author Steve Varonka presents an introduction to Pennsylvania's Canals and Railroads. Clear and concise, this work examines the origins of the early railroads and how they were able to take away the business of the newly created canal system.

Suitable for all readers, you will be taken through the anthracite fields and from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, Honesdale to Port Clinton. Well illustrated, the book will peak your interest in the early days of steam.

Breaker Boy Chronicles,

The Adventures of Michael and Sean

A trilogy of short stories for the young reader.

Author, Steve Varonka, brings his Molly Justice characters to life again in this short story trilogy about breaker boys Michael Casserly and Sean O'Boyle.  The young reader will enjoy these three exciting tales of adventure. 

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