Line 6, Spider 3 Settings

I kept getting lost trying to find songs among the 400+ presets. I'm a visual person. Anyways, I based this on page found by "J. Lassiter" on the web, added artists and songs (my best guesses), and arranged in html. This is for the Line 6, Spider 3 Guitar Amplifier.

50S 50’s SONGS

Honky Tonk 
Honky Tonk

Johnny B GD  Chuck Berry Johnny 

That’s Alright  Elvis Presley That's All Right

60S 60’s SONGS

Brown Sugar  Rolling Stones Brown Sugar


Cinnamon Girl  Neil Young Cinamon Girl

Day Tripper  Beatles Day Tripper

Folsom Prison  Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues

Gettin Better  Beatles Getting Better

Gimme Shelter  Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter

Hard Days Night  Beatles Hard Day's Night

Hey Joe  Jimi Hendrix Hey Joe

Magic Carpet Ride  Steppenwolf Magic Carpet Ride

Red House  Jimi Hendrix Red House

Revolution  Beatles Revolution

Sunshine Love  Cream Sunshine of your Love

Wind Cry Mary  Jimi Hendrix Wind Cries Mary

70S 70’s SONGS

10 Year Gone CN  Led Zeppelin Ten Years Gone

10 years Gone  Led Zeppelin Ten Years Gone

All Right Now  Free All Right Now

Aqua Lung  Jethro Tull Aqualung

Barracuda  Heart Barracuda

Blue Jean Blues  ZZ Top Blue Jean Blues

Born 2B Wild  Steppenwolf Born to be Wild

Boys R Back  Thin Lizzy Boys are Back in Town

Bridge of CY  Robin Trower Bridge of Sighs

Bridg O CY  Robin Trower Bridge of Sighs

Cat Scratch Fever  Ted Nugent Cat Scratch Fever

Charlemagne  Steely Dan Charlemagne

Comf Numb Solo  Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb

Custard Pie  Led Zeppelin Custard Pie

Day of the Eagle  Robin Trower Day of the Eagle

Daze Confused  Led Zeppelin Dazed and Confused

Frankenstein  Edgar Winter Frankenstein

Funk 49  Joe Walsh Funk 49

Godzilla  Blue Oyster Cult Godzilla

Heartbreaker  Led Zeppelin Heartbreaker

Hrt Brk Solo  Led Zeppelin Heartbreaker

Hotel C Solo  The Eagles Hotel California

Hotel Cali  The Eagles Hotel California

La Grange  ZZ Top La Grange

Lavilla Strang  Rush La Villa Strangiato

Lazy  Deep Purple Lazy

Lemon Song  Led Zeppelin Lemon Song

Miss Queen  Mountain Mississippi Queen

No Fool Again  The Who Won't be Fooled Again

No Matter Wha  Badfinger No Matter What

One Way Out  The Allman Brothers One Way Out

Reelin Years  Steely Dan Reelin in the Years

Rock N Roll Lead  Led Zeppelin Rock and Roll

Rocky Mtn Way  Joe Walsh Rocky Mountain Way

Roundabout  Yes Roundabout

Shine On Pink  Pink Floyd Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Since I Been  Led Zeppelin Since I've Been Loving You

Since Luvn U  Led Zeppelin Since I've Been Loving You

Smoke Water  Deep Purple Smoke on the Water

Spirit O Radio  Rush Spirit of the Radio

Stairway Lead  Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven

Stranglehold  Ted Nugent Stranglehold

Sweet Home A  Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home 2  Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Home Alabama

The Reaper  Blue Oyster Cult Don't Fear the Reaper

Travelin Band  Creedence Clearwater Revival Travelin Band

T Snake Boogie  ZZ Top Tube Snake Boogie

Tush  ZZ Top Tush

Whipping Post  The Allman Brothers Whipping Post

Zap Pa So Lo  Frank Zappa

80S 80’s SONGS

Another Brick  Pink Floyd Another Brick in the Wall

Atomic Punk  Van Halen Atomic Punk

Back N Black  A/C D/C Back in Black

Bark At The Moon  Ozzy Ozbourne Bark at the Moon

Barking Moon  Ozzy Ozbourne Bark at the Moon

Bark Moon Lead  Ozzy Ozbourne Bark at the Moon

Black Out  Scorpions Blackout

Boy You Two  U2 Boy

Brkn The Law  Judas Priest Breaking the Law

Crazy Train  Ozzy Ozbourne Crazy Train

Crzy Thng Love  Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Cult of Person  Living Colour Cult of Personality

Dn’t Blv Luv  Queensryche I Don't Believe in Love

Heartbreaker  Pat Benatar Heartbreaker

Here I Go Again  Whitesnake Here I Go Again

Hiway 2 Hell  A/C D/C Highway to Hell

I Will Follow  U2 I Will Follow

Master Pups  Metallica Master of Puppets

Me Giant 

Money 4 Tone  The Police Money for Nothing

Msg Bottle  The Police Message in a Bottle

Msg In A Bottle  The Police Message in a Bottle

Number_Beast  Iron Maiden Number of the Beast

Purple Rain  Prince Purple Rain

Purple Solo  Prince Purple Rain

Rebel Yell  Billy Idol Rebel Yell

Rok Hurricane  Scorpions Rock You Like a Hurricane

Rosanna  Toto Rosanna

Roxanne  The Police Roxanne

Satch Boogie  Joe Satriani Satch Boogie

Satch Flange  Joe Satriani Satch Boogie

Shrp Dress Man  ZZ Top Sharp Dressed Man

Still of Night  Whitesnake Still of the Night

Sultan of SW  Dire Straits Sultans of Swing

Sweet Child LD  Guns N Roses Sweet Child O Mine

Texas Flood  Stevie Ray Vaughan Texas Flood

Thing Comin’  Judas Priest You've Got Another Thing Comin

Tnt  A/C D/C TNT

Walking Moon  The Police Walking on the Moon

Yyz  Rush YYZ

Yyz 2  Rush YYZ

90S 90’s SONGS

4 The Luv Vai  Steve Vai For the Love of God

Bed of Roses  Guns N Roses Bed of Roses

Cherub Rock  Smashing Pumpkins Cherub Rock

Cliffs of Dover  Eric Johnson Cliffs of Dover

Cowboy Hell  Pantera Cowboy's from Hell

Crossfire  Stevie Ray Vaughan Crossfire

December  Collective Soul? December

Enter Clnman  Metallica Enter Sandman

Enter Mtlman  Metallica Enter Sandman

Faith Hope Love  Starsailor Faith Hope Love

Gonna Go My Way  Lenny Kravitz Gonna Go My Way

Hard 2 Handle  Black Crowes Hard to Handle

Hard 3 Handle  Black Crowes Hard to Handle

Manhattan  Eric Johnson Manhattan

No More Tears  Ozzy Osbourne No More Tears

Nothing Else  Metallica Nothing Else Matters

Over My Head  The Fray Over My Head

Stink Fist  Tool Stink Fist

Strshp Trpper  Yes? Starship Trooper

Strts No Name  U2 Where the Streets Have no Name

Whom Bell Cln  Metallica For Whom the Bell Tolls

Whom Bell Toll  Metallica For Whom the Bell Tolls

00S 00’s SONGS

Better Life 00  3 Doors Down Better Life

Gonna B My Girl  Jet Are You Gonna Be My Girl

Holy War Solo 
Holy War

Pardon Me  Incubus Pardon Me

Smooth  Santana Smooth



Face Down  Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Face Down

Glen Pearce 

I Will Worship  Jeremy Camp I Will Worship

Now Is The Time  Yngwie Malmsteen? Now Is the Time

Sweetly Brkn 





Blue Powder 

Bwian May  Queen

Crunch Crunch 


More Pi’s 

Open Chord 

Summer Song 

Swell Pedal 

Use Gtr Volume 

Voxy Baby 

Voxy Baby 15 



01A Back In Black 

01B Summer Song 

01C Soil 

01D Deep Fried Riff 

02A Razorlight 

02B The Drowners

02C Albert Lee

02D Lead O’ Rama 

03A Maroon 5

03B Pantomime 

03C Spaz Logic 

03D Rock Solo 

04A New Sensation 

04B Arrest Me 

04C Rifted 

04D 311 Down 

05A Memphis Cln  

05B Refugees 

05C Bring It Back 

05D Fuzzy 

06A Burn Baby Burn 


06C Night Light 

06D Slipknot

07A Chopper Dan

07B Hang Brains

07C Volto Gillz 

07D Oprobius 

08A Squizzerts

08B Rifted 

08C Beacons 

08D Meshuggah

09A Fight Feeling 

09B Pickle Breath

09C Dwell 

09D Ash 


ALB Albert Lee 

Albert Lee 2 

Albert Lee 3 

Albert Ballad 

B_B Bernard Butler 

The Drowners 


Lovers Rock 

Don’t Look Crak 


Ghost Leslie 



Pretty Vegas  INXS Pretty Vegas

New Sensation  INXS New Sensation
MN5 Maroon 5 

Lint Free 

For Bill 

Hang Brains 

Chopper Dan 

Arrest Me 



P_W Paul Weller

Hung Up  Paul Weller Hung Up

Changing Man  Paul Weller The Changingman

Peacock Suit  Paul Weller Peacock Suit
TIM Tim Pearce 

Rock Solo 

Cln Arpeggio 

Memphis Cln 

Sioux Pro 

Power 5ths 

On The Edge 

Lead O’ Rama 

V_H Vertical Horizon  Vertical Horizon


Glass Raft 



Froth Catcher 




311 Down  311 Down


Mit lead 


Prisoner  311 Prisoner
JLK Julien K/Amir Derakh/Orgy Orgy

Amir Rhythm 

Amir Lead/Ch 

Amir Spooky 

ASH Ash 

Black Caddy 

Burn Baby Burn 

Sci-Fi Baby 

Purple Light 


Orpheus Funk 

Lil’ Funny 

ATH Athlete  Athlete

Joel Clean 

Shake Window 

Dist Pick 



Project M8 

El Salvador 

DBC Dashboard Confessional  Dashboard Confessional

As Lovers Go 

Hands Down  Dashboard Confessional Hands Down

Volume Swell 

Street No Name 

Don’t Wait 

66 George 

Home Sick Alien 

Regatta Blanc 

60’s Leslie 

You 2 Bad 

DVS Doves  Doves

Dove Delay 

Dove Space 

Dove Clean 

Dove 70’s 

Dove Feedback 

Dove 60’s 

Dove Wah 

ELB Elbow 

Forget Myself  Elbow Forget Myself

Leaders  Elbow Leaders of the Free World

Grace Intro  Elbow Grace Under Pressure

Newborn  Elbow Newborn

Powder Blue  Elbow Powder Blue

Torn Curtain 

Damped Arps 

FDR Feeder 

Come Bk Around  Feeder Come Back Around

Buck Rogers  Feeder Buck Rogers
FFF Funeral for a Friend UK Funeral for a Friend
GSC Ginger+S/C  Ginger & the Sonic Circus
JBJ Joboj  JoBoj


Smoke 20 






Spiral Graf 


JN5 John 5  John 5

John 5 Two 

John 5 Three 

MUSE Muse  Muse
RZL Razor Light 

In The Morning  Razor Light In the Morning
RLS Royalush  Royalush


Kaylee Black 


Pre Nyo Face 

In Your Face 

Screamin’ O 

Manda Metal 

50 Ways  Royalush 50 Ways


2$  Royalush 2$ (2dolla)

Pickle Breath 


J Sling 




Strange Day 

Mr. Green 

New Day 

Shreaded Beaf 


SCS Scissors Sisters Scissors Sisters

Liz Fraser 

Cheap Gear 

Da Da 

Bear Blues 

Swamp Thing 

SPT Sparta  Sparta


Western Town 

Hero Worship 

Hold 2 Amp 

Going Bye 

Drain Alive 

Finger Pick  

TMS The Music  The Music

Fight Feeling  The Music Fight the Feeling

Disco  The Music Disco

Freedom Fight  The Music Freedom Fighters

The Dance  The Music The Dance

Bleed Within  The Music Bleed from Within
VLT Volto 

Volto Gillz 

Volto Solo 

Volto Zweepo 

AEX The Accident Experiment

Aex Delay 1 

Aex Phase 1 

ALD As I Lay Dying  As I Lay Dying



Jules Metal 2 

Jazz Julesy 



Jules Rules 

Really Wired 


Chuckle Head 

BMD Ben Moody  Evanescence


Fire Fight 

River Of Blood 

My Immoral  Evanescence My Immortal

MC Mars 

Ben Crunch 

Octave Juice 

BBF Bumblefoot 1  Bumblefoot

Bumblefoot 2 

Bumblefoot 3 

COF Cradle of Filth  Cradle of Filth
DFT Deftones Deftones

Stef Crunch 

HTH Hawthorne Heights  Hawthorne Heights

Hh 2 

Hh 3 

Hh Clean 

Hh 4 

Casey Verse 

Casey Clean 

Hh Casey 

KSE Killswitch Engage Killswitch Engage


Sweet Lead 

Mr. Clean 

Dirty Bird 

Delay Party 

Kuato Twang 

Deep Fried Rif 

Next Room 


LCC Lacuna Coil  Lacuna Coil

Jazzy Maus 

Echo Clean 

The Game 

Pizza Clean 

Pizza Phat 

Pizza Solo 

Space Pizza 

MSH Meshuggah Meshuggah


OTH Opeth Mikael  Opeth
RGS Riggs  Jerry Riggs

Riggs Insane 

Riggs Love Pig 

Riggs Shred 

STH Sikth Dan  Sikth
SKT Slipknot  Slipknot




SOI Soil  SOiL
STV Stavesacre  Stavesacre



Future History  Stavesacre Future History of the Broken Hearted

Gold N Silver  Stavesacre Gold and Silver


Grace  Stavesacre Grace

Lost Days  Stavesacre Lost Days
THD Thursday  Thursday

Thurs Dirt 

Room Trem  

Signals Cln 

Thurs Od 

Thurs Watt Dly 

Frank Food Twn 

Steak Face 

Slo Dly