Down Draft Table

That down draft table works fairly well with my random orbit sander and hand sanding. I haven't tried it yet with the belt sander, which produces more dust faster. There is minimal air flow through the 2.5 inch hose, with no noticible reduction in air flow through the top. The sander blows the dust out its port, and the air flow is just enough to carry it along.

The table stores on the wall. I screwed hooks into
the wall studs and attached a cleat at the bottom
to help support the weight. Because of its weight,
it is a little hard to hang. It would have been easier
if I had put the hooks lower, but I wanted to leave
the lower area open. I stand on a stool and support
the table on my shoulder. The second time I put it
up was easier than the first.

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...and past the dust guides to the lower box.

The dust collector creates a down draft that pulls the dust down to the top and through the holes in the non-slip pad and the perf board top,...

...that connects to the dust port on some of my sanders.
...and a 2.5 inch fitting with blast gate...
...that connects to my dust collection system,...

It has a 4 inch dust collection port...
I built this down draft table to fit on my multiple tool stand.