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Hello, I'm Bill and that's my lovely wife Pat. I retired in 1997 after a twenty eight year career as a civil servant with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We live in the small town of Shamokin, located about 60 miles north of Harrisburg, in the coal region of central Pennsylvania.

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Since I enjoy computers as one of my hobbies I thought it would be interesting to create a web site to showcase some of my others, along with some my toys. This web site consists of eight different pages, accessed by links at the bottom of each page. They show my hobbies and toys that keep me entertained during my early retirement years. Most of the cars and motorcycles from my younger days I wish I still had today. This site will always be a work in progress so please check back from time to time.

This is my favorite toy, my 1987 Corvette roadster. It was built with all available options except the Z2 suspension. I bought this car in March of 1989 with 11 thousand miles on the odometer. The interior has charcoal leather sport seats, the convertible top is black, and the shifting is done with a manual 4 speed with overdrive transmission. In my search for this car I looked at over fifteen corvettes until I found the exact colors and options that I wanted.

Twenty eight years had passed since I first began to dream of owning a CORVETTE, the one car that I have fantasized about since I was 16 years old. I'm a tad obsessive with this car, it is always garaged, never driven in the rain, and by the end of October it gets tucked away in storage until the warmth of May arrives.

In the twenty three years that I have owned this car I have driven it only twenty two thousand miles. Over the years I have made some improvements in the performance department. I replaced the engine computer chip with a high performance power chip, installed a cooler running thermostat, replaced the stock exhaust with a high performance system, and added a short throw shift linkage kit for quicker shifts.

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Confucius Say: "He who die with most toy win".
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